Matei, Taveuni Island, Fiji

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If you want to get in touch with nature and the universe, spend some time down on the beach. A hammock is waiting for you so just take a short stroll from the resort, pass over the only unsealed road and feel the golden sand softly between your toes.

Big old vutu trees are dropping their pink and white flowers in the early morning hours and you can smell their perfume in the air.

Sometimes you'll see a small fishing boat with villagers going past.  They will wave and smile at you calling out BULA!, the Fijian word for "Hello."

Explore the local reefs snorkeling and meet all the colorful tropical fish that live out there. You may have a lucky day and see turtles and dolphins swimming graceful in this warm and clear blue Pacific Ocean just in front of you.

Maravu beach is a place of contrasts. From deep green to endless blue. From gently gliding kayaks to a game of Boca ball in the sand. It's all here on this special island of tropical fun and leisure where every day holds the excitement of something new and different for you to enjoy.

Matei, Taveuni Island,
Taveuni, Fiji,
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679 - 888 0555, 1-888- FIJI-NOW