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Fire Mountain Inn
Highlands, North Carolina
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Fire Mountain is one of the most unique and spectacular mountaintop hideaways in America and is located just a few miles outside of the village of Highlands, North Carolina.
Southern Living Magazine– August 2003


Sample Menu

“Dinner atop Fire Mountain at sunset is spectacular!”

Starters for Two

Basil & Feta
Feta cheese in a glazed bowl marinated with extra-virgin olive oil, torn basil leaves and scattered
with peppercorns. Served chilled with slices of crusty wood-fired bread.

Graze Platter
These tasty morsels can make for a relaxed and very light dinner. A wedge of baked ricotta, paper-thin pancetta or prosciutto, tomato salad with basil and red onion, hummus or baba ghanoush, marinated olives and slices of our crusty wood-fired bread.

Bento Box Dinners

Salade Nicoise / Garlic-Basil Vinaigrette
Our version is made of Italian-style light tuna, Boston lettuce, firm vine-ripened tomatoes, diced boiled potatoes, haricots verts, baby artichokes, hard-boiled eggs, red onions, black nicoise olives and basil. Included is our Watermelon & Roquefort Salad / Mad Apples’ Oolong Tea Vinaigrette.

Spiced Fillet Steak Salad / Hummus Dressing
Toasted & crusty country bread as a base, then add organic greens from the garden and top with grilled and sliced fillet steak that has been marinated in cumin, harissa chilli, lemon juice and garlic. Top off the entire Spiced Fillet Steak Salad with creamy hummus dressing with lemon to the side. Then add Sliced Red & Yellow Tomatoes / Parsley-Balsamic Vinaigrette and Wild Rice Salad / Raspberry-Orange Vinaigrette.

Grilled Salmon Salad
Salmon rubbed with a good olive oil and then grilled over hot coals. Add celery, red onions, dill, capers, raspberry vinaigrette, olive oil, kosher salt and freshly ground pepper. To the side Fresh Steamed Asparagus / Chevre-Chervil Vinaigrette.

What’s Included?

Starters for Two
Silverware / Sea Salt / Ground Black Pepper included

Bento Box Dinners
Mint Tea Refresher / Basil & Parmesan Wafers / Napkins / Complimentary Bottle of Wine / Silverware / Sea Salt / Ground Black Pepper included

Mise en Place
You are tired and have made no plans for dinner prior to your arrival. You wish there was a way to have a fabulous romantic dinner in front of a blazing fire in your Cabin. Our Mise en Place fits the bill and can be requested last minute at check-in. Your basket contains fresh homemade pasta, our homemade pasta sauce, fresh parmesan cheese, fresh baguette, garlic butter, mixed organic greens from our garden with oil/vinegar or antipasto along with a complimentary bottle of red wine. Available for Cabin guests only.

Romantic Evening Picnic
Turn an ordinary day away into a “memory maker” as you and your companion enjoy a picnic which includes a complimentary bottle of wine, aged cheese, seasonal fruit, crackers, a gourmet dinner selected from above, Fire Mountain specialty items, china, silver ware, wine glasses, wine opener, cutting board, linen napkins, linen tablecloth along with a picnic blanket. This entire romantic evening picnic for two is presented in a durable insulated picnic back pack ready to be taken to a romantic and secluded spot. A map is included with highlighted and suggested romantic picnic spots.