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"Canopy Tower lodge, a converted radar tower rising out of the rain forest of the 50,000-acre Soberanía National
Park in Panama, and a mecca for bird enthusiasts."
New York Times, Mary Tannen, 2002

"This hotel is one of the world's best examples of recycling. A former U.S. armed forces radar tower, it is one of the most comfortable and rewarding destinations in the world of ecotourism. The open windows are ideal vantage points for the many nature photographers and writers who visit the tower. ..We were told not to bother with an alarm clock, but to be prepared to be awakened by the unnerving pre-dawn calls of howler monkeys. We quickly learned to keep binoculars at hand. Our first sighting of an exotic bird, a gorgeously iridescent green honeycreeper, the first sighting of an exotic bird, came through the open window of our oversized shower."
Hartford Courant, 2002

"Panama's Canopy Tower provides a luxurious perch"
Denver Post, 2002

"Panama's Canopy Tower - a wonder of the birding world."
Birdletter,  Victor Emanuel Nature Tours

"A former U.S. radar tower outside Panama City has become one of Latin America's most talked-about new places to stay...I'm no birder, but it is pretty thrilling at the top of the Canopy Tower."
Travel & Leisure, Kimberly Brown

"One of the great eco-tourist experiences"
Chairman of the National Audubon society, Donal O'Brien


Phone: 011 507 264-5720
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A Day at the Canopy Tower

early morning

The day begins early in the Canopy Tower. Serious birders and wildlife afficionados are awakened before sunrise by the sounds of the great Panamanian rainforest. This is the best time to watch wildlife: birds and mammals begin foraging for food, proclaiming territory, and performing mating rituals as soon as the day begins. Early risers are rewarded with freshly squeezed orange juice in the Dining Room and coffee and crackers on the Observation Deck.


Full breakfast in the Dining Room. Keep your binoculars handy, a Blue Cotinga or a Keel-billed Toucan may perch in the cecropia trees just outside the window.


Meet in the Exhibit Hall in the Ground Floor for a guided nature hike along Semaphore Hill Road and Old Plantation Trail. We will be looking for mammals and birds. Please remember to bring insect repellent and water bottles and wear hiking shoes.


Lunch and 'siesta time'.
Some thinkers consider hammocks and siesta as two of the most important contributions of Latin America to western civilization, following the writings of Borges and the poetry of Neruda, of course. Those unfamiliar with hammocks are respectfully requested to read the warnings posted alongside them.


Guests meet in the Exhibit Hall in the Ground Floor for the afternoon nature walk along Semaphore Hill Road. Emphasis will be placed on flora. We have identified 45 species of trees along this road and your guide will point them out and explain their characteristics.

late afternoon

Return to the Tower for a little bit more "hammock practice", perhaps a visit to the Ground Floor exhibit, and to watch the spectacular sunset over the canopy from the observation deck.

Cocktails and appetizers


Dinner. While a dinner jacket would be too much for the rainforest, we hope you will dress up a bit to match our excellent cuisine. Keep your binoculars handy because a Jujuná, a Kinkajou or an Olingo might join us for dinner.


Night ride in the Rainfomobile along Semaphore Hill Road to look for owls and other night "critters". Star gazing on the Observation Deck -- come and see the moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn.