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"Canopy Tower lodge, a converted radar tower rising out of the rain forest of the 50,000-acre Soberanía National
Park in Panama, and a mecca for bird enthusiasts."
New York Times, Mary Tannen, 2002

"This hotel is one of the world's best examples of recycling. A former U.S. armed forces radar tower, it is one of the most comfortable and rewarding destinations in the world of ecotourism. The open windows are ideal vantage points for the many nature photographers and writers who visit the tower. ..We were told not to bother with an alarm clock, but to be prepared to be awakened by the unnerving pre-dawn calls of howler monkeys. We quickly learned to keep binoculars at hand. Our first sighting of an exotic bird, a gorgeously iridescent green honeycreeper, the first sighting of an exotic bird, came through the open window of our oversized shower."
Hartford Courant, 2002

"Panama's Canopy Tower provides a luxurious perch"
Denver Post, 2002

"Panama's Canopy Tower - a wonder of the birding world."
Birdletter,  Victor Emanuel Nature Tours

"A former U.S. radar tower outside Panama City has become one of Latin America's most talked-about new places to stay...I'm no birder, but it is pretty thrilling at the top of the Canopy Tower."
Travel & Leisure, Kimberly Brown

"One of the great eco-tourist experiences"
Chairman of the National Audubon society, Donal O'Brien


Gamboa, Panama
Phone: 011 507 264-5720
Web Site:

Rates & Packages

Our All Inclusive Package includes: entrance fee to Soberanía National Park; lodging based on double occupancy; all meals, taxes, Rainfomobile transportation up Semaphore Hill Road, and 2 introductory guided walks with a bilingual birding guide. It does not include: tips, alcoholic beverages, laundry, and other expenses of personal nature. Rates (US$) as of 10 September 2002 are per person per night all inclusive. $110-$200 depending on season and room type.

Single room supplement
In the High Season there is no single room supplement. One person in a room pays double the per person rate.
In the Green Season the single room supplement is $50.
In the Migration Season the single room supplement is $85.
The Guide Rooms have only one bed and share one bathroom for the 5 rooms.

Super low price for the Green Season (May - September)
Reserve now for 2003 and get a 10% discount!
one week (8 days) Sat-Sat, only $999

This offer includes:
all meals and lodging (double occupancy), airport transfers, bilingual birding guides, tours to Pipeline Rd, Summit and Gamboa ponds, Plantation Trail, Old North and South Gamboa Rd, Chagres River, Night Tour in the Rainfomobile (owling), and Semaphore Hill.

Day Trips:

Our Day Trips include one delicious meal, entrance fee to Soberanía National Park, and use of the Canopy Tower's observation deck where a guide with a 77mm Leica scope will help you identify wildlife.

These trips offered subject to occupancy of the Tower.
Rates (US$) per person : Rates as of 12 December 2002
The Awakening of the Rainforest - 6:30 A.M-11:00 A.M. - $75
Dawn is the most active period of the day for the inhabitants of the rainforest. At this time the first rays illuminate the diverse activity in the dense canopy of the rainforest. Hear the thundering howls of the howler monkeys as they proclaim their territory, and observe many species of birds start their daily and never-ending search for food. There is also a guided 2-hour guided walk along Semaphore Hill Road.

Lunch on Top of the Hill - 12:30 A.M-5:00 P.M. - $75
Midday is the best time to see birds of prey (raptors) as they ride thermal currents to soar high in the sky. In the Northern Hemisphere's fall and spring seasons, this is an extraordinary place to witness thousands of hawks in their annual migration. Noon is also the best time to watch ships navigate the Culebra Cut. After lunch, guests take a guided 2-hour guided walk along Semaphore Hill Road.

Evening in a Different World - 5:30 P.M-9:00 P.M. - $85
Dusk is another period of high activity among the inhabitants of the rain forest as they all scramble to find a suitable place to spend the night. When darkness falls, a different world appears: singing frogs, screeching owls, plenty of bats, night monkeys and innumerable arthropods. A kinkajou comes almost every night to feed on a tree just outside the dining room area. Star gazing is superb. Hors d'oeuvres and dinner are included.
We ask those who visit us for dinner to please leave promptly at 9PM to respect the wishes of the overnight guests who go to bed early. Thank you.

The guided walk down Semaphore Hill Road provides a ground-level view of the rain forest. From atop the observation tower we may see, for example, blue cotingas, toucans, green shrike vireos, howler monkeys and iguanas. Far below, shaded by the canopy, the environment is cooler. Your guide helps you identify what you see -- we often spot manakins, antbirds, tinamous, sloths, coatis, and agoutis, and an amazing abundance of butterflies and insects. Many of the 46 species of trees that have been identified by scientists from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute have medicinal value, and most produce food for birds and mammals. Time permitting, we may even walk for a distance along Old Plantation Road. At the end of the walk, the Rainfomobile brings visitors back up Semaphore Hill to the Tower.