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"Canopy Tower lodge, a converted radar tower rising out of the rain forest of the 50,000-acre Soberanía National
Park in Panama, and a mecca for bird enthusiasts."
New York Times, Mary Tannen, 2002

"This hotel is one of the world's best examples of recycling. A former U.S. armed forces radar tower, it is one of the most comfortable and rewarding destinations in the world of ecotourism. The open windows are ideal vantage points for the many nature photographers and writers who visit the tower. ..We were told not to bother with an alarm clock, but to be prepared to be awakened by the unnerving pre-dawn calls of howler monkeys. We quickly learned to keep binoculars at hand. Our first sighting of an exotic bird, a gorgeously iridescent green honeycreeper, the first sighting of an exotic bird, came through the open window of our oversized shower."
Hartford Courant, 2002

"Panama's Canopy Tower provides a luxurious perch"
Denver Post, 2002

"Panama's Canopy Tower - a wonder of the birding world."
Birdletter,  Victor Emanuel Nature Tours

"A former U.S. radar tower outside Panama City has become one of Latin America's most talked-about new places to stay...I'm no birder, but it is pretty thrilling at the top of the Canopy Tower."
Travel & Leisure, Kimberly Brown

"One of the great eco-tourist experiences"
Chairman of the National Audubon society, Donal O'Brien


Gamboa, Panama
Phone: 011 507 264-5720
Web Site:

Our mission is to bring people to a comfortable closeness with the rich Panamanian rainforest, and to share our enthusiasm for the birds and wildlife, so they will join with us in working to conserve the spectacular diversity of Nature.

Awaken to a tropical chorus of motmots, toucans, and fruitcrows.

Your bedroom is at treetop level, no more than 40 feet from the birds. In the cool Panamanian dawn you can feel Panamá's great rainforest awakening around you. Blue Cotingas and Green Shrike-Vireos, birds normally glimpsed high in the tops of trees, perch right outside your Canopy Tower room. Up a flight of stairs in the dining room, a cup of coffee and rolls await you. Settle down at a table next to the window. Above the endless tropical forest of Soberanía National Park, a ship glides through the Panamá Canal. The hooting of a distant troupe of monkeys punctuates the birdcalls. You keep your field guide open on the table in front of you beside your rolls and fresh orange juice. In complete comfort, you greet the morning sun. Nothing obstructs your view. Through the unscreened open window, nature carries on its morning business.

This is the best tropical birding you can have, and you should experience it at least once in your life.

Don't worry if you are new to birding, this is a great place to start. Hundreds of species can be seen right from your window, most of them clearly illustrated in Panamá's excellent bird guides.

The Canopy Tower is also a great place for those with a general interest in exploring the tropical forest. Giant, iridescent Morpho Butterflies flash their blue wings at you as you ride up the twisting road up to the Tower. Howler Monkeys startle you with a sudden roar overhead. Each shrub, tree and flower seems to be different from the last, reflecting Soberanía's extraordinary diversity.

The Canopy Tower is a prime location from which to observe the birds and other wildlife of the forest canopy. Since they are right at eye level, it is usual to get fantastic views of birds you would hardly see otherwise. You don't have to leave the Tower to find birds, you don't even have to leave your bedroom! Tanagers and Tityras can be seen right from your window, and you don't have to worry about the rain. The dining area and the roof of the tower are better for finding elusive canopy birds, as well as Howler Monkeys, Tamarins and other mammals, since you can look in all directions around you. And all this without having to venture away from the Tower. But there are many other places to visit nearby, including the best birding spots in the Panama Canal Area.

Come to the Canopy Tower. Visit with us for a morning, evening, or, better yet, spend a few nights with us. We are sure you will enjoy your stay.

Canopy Tower
Semaphore Hill Rd.
Gamboa, Panama
Phone: 011 507 264-5720
Web Site: